The OuiShare Mag was previously running on a single WordPress website using WPML to manage the different languages. The design was beginning to be outdated and there were too custom functions and plugins not used at all. This redesign had multiple goals:

  • Improve the website speed, the back-office being particularly slow from time to time
  • Get rid of custom functions and exotic plugins that were not used
  • Give new dynamics to the magazine, boost its editorial capabilities
  • Switch to a more modern design which would be mobile-friendly

Multilingual Switch

Using WPML was not a bad choice at first sight. And most notably in 2012. But the plugin tends to be query-heavy and not sustainable for webzines. The OuiShare Magazine is a place where long posts are posted quite often and not all of them are translated. These two reasons drove us to a conclusion : WPML was slowing the website down and we could find another way of doing the multilingual part.

The easiest solution was to set up a network of websites with each of them being a different language. WordPress can do that using the built-in multisite feature easily. But we needed to have a language switcher post by post and shared library features. This is the reason why ce decided to use Multingual Press in its pro version to manage that.

User management & guest posts

There were far too many users having access to the WordPress back-office of the previous Magazine. And some of them had too many capabilities. But their accounts were needed for the guest posts in order to have correct author boxes. But this was hard to manage and this is why we went back to basics.

There are now way less users in the database and if they exist, it means they are closely working on the editorial presence of OuiShare. Editors can now write and plan everything, language by language and publish guest posts using a special “guest” user. It means the guest authors don’t have access to the back-office, they just have a form to submit their work.


Instead of a custom design, we used a premium theme (bucket) with various tweaks to have a coherent and professional design. The OuiShare identity had recently changed and it was time to harmonize our logos and colors everywhere online.

The template is now responsive and uses Disqus as a comment manager, two big wins for our readers. We want to be able to provide one of the best content about the collaborative economy and to interact on all devices, having lenghty discussions through post comments.

Our consultant

Nicolas Richer was in charge of the project, from the initial brief to the final migration. He is a french entrepreneur, specialized in WordPress.

He worked closely with Arthur De Grave, Paris OuiShare Connector.