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OuiShare Magazine is where we track all the crazy and innovative things happening in the Collaborative Economy in Europe and beyond. It is a place where you can find news and in-depth articles on how the Collaborative Economy is changing society, lifestyles and business.

The magazine was first launched in August 2012, lead by Stanislas Jourdan as editor. After having started in French and English with the help of Francesca Pick as an editor, the magazine now publishes in Spanish and German. It is open to contributions by anyone and is the place where members of the OuiShare community and thought leaders from the collaborative economy publish their analysis, opinions and insights.

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Whether you like to write or edit articles, curate knowledge or just share ideas, we encourage contributions of all types and sizes. We invite you to write a guest post, help out as an editor or translator, or become a regular contributor!

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The OuiShare magazine is a project by the global community and not-for-profit organisation OuiShare. The ideas and articles published in the magazine reflect the opinions of individual members, not in any way the ones of the community as a whole or the OuiShare organisation.  We simply curate and bring to you the most relevant and interesting articles and debates surround the collaborative economy in Europe.Any opinions expressed are those of the author and not the editorial team, OuiShare organisation, it’s members, or it’s policy team unless clearly stated so in the article.