OuiShareFest16 – Introducing the OuiShareFest Report & Toolkit

Ouishare is glad to announce the publishing of the OuiShareFest Report and the OuiShareFest Toolkit on Gitbook.

Since its inception in 2013, OuiShareFest has been an experimental event in its execution as well as organization. With the  aim of “gathering creative leaders, entrepreneurs, movement builders, purpose-driven organizations and communities from across the globe to explore the edges of the economy, society and ourselves”, OuiShareFest has been a starting point and catalyst for many innovative projects. It has fostered connections and also helped us expand our own global network.

Offering an overview of this year’s event, the OuiShareFest Report contains important information regarding the fest such as and statistics, the structure of the event, partners and media involved, attending nationalities and other defining facts.   

Now also public  is theOuiShareFest Paris16 Documentation. Available on the open source tool Gitbook this document compiles all the content from the fest in visual, audiovisual and written form. Here you can for example access details on the individual tracks, each talk and the unique visual notes of the Fest. Now a  ‘living document that will be updated and grow over time’ the toolkit not only serves internally as a basis for future OuiShare events, but as an inspiration source for curious individuals and  communities who seek to launch a similar event to OuiShareFest16.