Questions for the OuiShare Fest program

Who will we work for platforms, robots or nobody? How can we reinvent organizations for the digital age? Can we fix democracy? These are OuiShare’s questions for 2016, which we will explore at this year’s OuiShare Fest.

The countdown is on: in 5 weeks 2000 innovators will gather for our 4th Fest in Paris for +200 sessions in 7 spaces during 3 professional days and 1 public day. From the future of work, to civic tech, blockchain, sharing cities, organizational transformation and mindfulness, we have put together a diverse program – but that is not all!

This year’s program themes & highlights

The Future of Work (20.05.)

Dive into topics such as how can work survive in the age of platforms?, freelancers reclaiming new labor landscapes, welfare models for the digital world, cultures of remote work, enabling purposeful work through alternative funding, finding your career superpower and ditching the office for digital nomadism.

Featured speakers: Yochai Benkler (Harvard), Esko Kilpi, Rodolphe Dutel (Buffer), Nilofer Merchant (Harvard Business Review), Tim Leberecht, Sarita Gupta (Jobs with Justice), Laurence McCahill (Happy Startup School), Dylan Hendricks (Institute for the Future)



Digital Institutions & the City (18.05.)

Explore all facets of evolving institutions, cities and democracies through discussions around: the future of the E-State, making open and sustainable cities, how to make the commons, public and private sector work together, civic tech as the future of democracy and finding collaborative solutions to the refugee crisis.

Featured speakers: Patrick Robinson (Airbnb), Kaspar Korjus (Estonian Government), Guillaume Lavoie (City of Montreal), Imandeep Kaur (Impact Hub Birmingham), Domenico di Siena (Civicwise), Daan Weedepohl (Peerby), Mara Balestrini (Ideas for Change)

Understanding Blockchain & Decentralization (18.05.)

Learn the ins-and outs of how decentralization could change society, how the blockchain works and its impact on identity, business and the environment. Some highlights will be: “Plantoid: the advent of blockchain-based life forms”; “Does blockchain mean the end of the corporation?” And “Decentralising our food systems”

Featured speakers: Gavin Wood (Ethcore & co-founder Ethereum), Primavera de Filippi (Backfeed/Harvard), Vinay Gupta (Consenys Systems), Stephan Tual (, Arno Loeven (Philipps Healthcare Blockchain Lab)


Building Companies For The Digital Age (19.05.)

Look beyond uberization and understand the citizen producer as an agent of change. Explore how industries – from health to mobility, can integrate circular economy principles, how corporations can support startups and how all these actors can build ecosystems together. Sessions to look out for: “The future of mobility in cities: shared, collaborative and driverless?”; “How to get your organization prepared for the new economy”.

Featured speakers: Sébastian Bazin (AccorHotels), Luisa Santiago (Ellen McArthur Foundation), Thomas Ollivier (MAIF), Amelie Oudea (AXA), Lisa Gansky (Meshlabs)

Power & Capital in the 21st century (19.05.)

Take a tour through emerging models of ownership and governance for organizations in the digital age by learning from examples such as Enspiral and Faircoop. Understand the challenges of horizontal management in practice, how to build a platform co-op and how to reinvent how we build, fund and maintain these platforms to redistribute power and capital.

Featured speakers: Nathan Schneider (University of Colorado Bolder & Platform Cooperativism), Marc-David Choukroun (The Food Assembly), Chelsea Robinson (Enspiral), Derek Razo (Cobudget)



Education & Personal development (20.05.)

Reflect on how we can experiment with new forms of education to acquire the skills and knowledge we need to thrive and find balance in an increasingly complex world. Explore ‘experiential learning’, Theory U, Dragon Dreaming and discover how digital networks emerge as spaces for accelerated learning. Challenge yourself  by “Breaking open the head” and questioning your world views. Also on the menu: meditation, yoga, live music, dancing.

Featured speakers in this track: Daniel Pinchbeck (Author), Felipe Anghioni (Perestroika)

Experimentation & Action

Beyond connecting and debating, this year’s Fest is about experimentation and action. That is why this year, you will find novelties such as an accelerator for open source projects, 1-to-1 mentor sessions with speakers, Q & A’s in small groups after each talk, meetups, pop-up performances, intimate dinners in the evenings across Paris. We’re also proud to be the host of this year’s Womanity Awards for female entrepreneurs driving innovation.

Ready to explore the edge?

Then we invite you to join us from May 18-21 in Paris: 


This year’s program was co-created by an international curation team through an open call for proposals and experiments of decentralization.


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