A poetic recap of OuiShare Fest 2015 – 2/2

Stefano_Borghi_SBO_2155_Mid_optSo much happened at OuiShare Fest 2015 making it difficult to sum up all the feelings we shared with participants. Still, we will do our best. Videos of the sessions? Check. Visual facilitation? Coming soon. And how about a bit of poetry? What better way to convey the energy surrounding such a unique moment? Vincent Avanzi, Poet, was there during the first  two days of the Fest. Here’s what he had to say about day 2.

OuiShare it with the World


John Lennon once said “A dream you dream alone is only a dream,
A dream you dream together is reality”.
Here are 1000s of visionaries and pioneers connecting and co-creating
Soul searching, mind mapping and love confessing through the hands of the wheel… of life.

Welcome again to a new collaborative economy,
With, yes, accessible digital technology,
Inside a post-capitalism society and a gift cosmology.

We can now enter in an infinite range of possibilities and opportunities,
Including maybe one day ethical politics and open democracies.
Because, even if the market is the world, the world is still not a “market”.
It’s only if we believe in love that we’ll have a chance to save the planet.

What world are we preparing today for the next future generations?
Should we take matters in our own hands or leave it to financial corporations?
Just remember that poverty is not the root of all evil,
Property is, cause we were all born equal.

Abundance is possible, look at your own plate.
We’ve done hate and now we can donate.
And we have to learn to cooperate,
Like the skill of being a citizen again.

I mean, we still have a choice: force or joy?
Demolition or dreams in motion, revolution or evolution?
Growth or resources? Revenues or values?
Human hearts, human hearts, human hearts or Goldman Sachs?
Corporation or cooperation? Trust and fun or trust funds?
Network or rework the net, with more political impulse?

Community based activities and empathy,
Is human reconnection really happening?
Collectively, but what about profoundly?
The intimacy of Couchsurfing for example is unprecedented,
Moments of exchange in your own private space to interact and tell stories.

Isn’t it possible that Capitalism may need in its own DNA to alienate,
To optimize, maximize, utilize and colonize,
And not humanize, harmonize, criticize and lovelize,
Like a flowing river that can be channeled through our own eyes?

So to you I ask, what is your quest for meaning,
How can we put into perspective our beliefs ?
Nature asks for cyclical economy, so what if
We made a common dance in honor of our interdependence and bienveillance
Because what is intelligence without a sense of tolerance?

We also do need to change the inner infrastructures
In order to co-create a different common good future.

From Top-to-Bottom pyramids to Self-Management,
By new decision making in multi-linking with no hierarchy,
Integral complex collective intelligence,
Wholeness above consensus in an enormous converging energy.

From “Predict&Control” to “Sense&Respond”
A company is not a dead body with a captain beyond
So we have to find that Evolutionary Purpose because life is long.

Like Ubuntu, I love you and you do too:
How can I be happy when my friends are not?
The world is not ours, but it will be what we make out of it, right guys?

In the end, we’re all little hummingbirds on a learning curve,
Sharing love and trying to play our part in life at our own scale,
And the path from I & YOU to WE fits in one word: SHARE.

We see flowers growing, seed breeding, sparks incoming,
People empowering, kids playing, fab labing, old world dying,
Humans living, aura lighting, overwhelming, social gaming,
Design thinking, nature caring, something definitely is happening!

So keep on dreaming and continue doing.
While we’re reconnecting, sharing and redistributing,
A new world is slowly starting emerging and breathing
Like a baby now with real feelings…

This is indeed the miracle of life and of the beauty of mankind,
Having the consciousness to change, evolve and finally be kind.
So go on and ouishare it with the world, give a hand,
And have faith that the rest will come together in time.

Guest Post written by Vincent Avanzi

Vincent Avanzi is a modern day poet passionate about the art of living together and the co-writing of the future of our world, a corporate speaker trying to inspire entrepreneurs and companies to be changemakers with the horizon of the good, a 2 time globe-trotter trying to change the self in order to change the world, and in the end just a firm believer of mankind and that today is the day to be happy and make tomorrow happen.

Photo Credit: Stefano Borghi