Join our webinar (you can register here) on Friday, May 8th at 6:00pm with Alessandra Orofino about “Using commons to fix our democracy“.

Citizens find themselves increasingly excluded from political decisions in many so-called democratic systems. Because of the widening gap between regular policies and the common interests of citizens, our political life often takes the shape of an elective oligarchy where power is no longer exercised by the people for the people. The political mobilization activist Alessandra Orofino believes that it’s possible for citizens to build their own structures of participation. At the end of her talk at TEDGlobal, this is what she says:

[…] It is up to us to decide whether we want schools or parking lots, community-driven recycling projects or construction sites, loneliness or solidarity, cars or buses, and it is our responsibility to do that now, for ourselves, for our families, for the people who make our lives worth living, and for the incredible creativity, beauty, and wonder that make our cities, in spite of all of their problems, the greatest invention of our time.

We are delighted to host a webinar with Alessandra Orofino to explore how the commons can be used to fix our democracy on Friday, May 8th at 6:00pm, as a runner up to OuiShare Fest in Paris this month. Alessandra will talk about democracy, community-building and the role of citizens and communities in building an alternative to competitive democracy.

Alessandra Orofino is the Co-Founder and Executive Director at Meu Rio and Our Cities. With a degree in economics and human rights from Columbia University, Alessandra is a believer in participatory politics and in cities as the ideal locus for reinventing representative democracy. With her team she designed Meu Rio as a catalyst for youth activism.

Alessandra will be a speaker at OuiShare Fest. Get a taste of what awaits you at in Paris from May 20-22 and join this online debate with Alessandra Orofino, and Diana Filippova, program chair of OuiShare Fest.

This event is an online webinar that will be held on the platform Glowbl, a OuiShare Fest partner.