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OuiShare Fest 15 Tweet Chat: “Lost in Transition?” on March 18th

In its beginnings, the collaborative economy inspired hope and purpose: Described as sharing, collaborative, P2P or contributive, these models seemed to point towards a path that would lead us to more sustainable, fair and human-centered forms of social organization.

With relentless criticism over the past months, no one seems to quite understand yet whether the collaborative economy can really bring upon the long cherished change we seek. This general sense of perplexity and uncertainty as well as the larger public is what we call “lost”. What we thought was a certainty turned into a big question mark: where are we going? Will collaborative models take us there? Which ones? Are the new concepts we put our hope on flawed after all? Could the collaborative economy end up creating a more unequal society?

That’s why for OuiShare Fest 15 we have chosen a theme that helps us frame the debate of these questions and is universal to all 12 program tracks we have defined: Lost in Transition?”

To spark discussions before the Fest, we’re hosting a tweet chat about our theme “Lost in Transition?” on March 18th at 16pm CET.

How does it work?

The OuiShare communications team will moderate a one hour-long Tweet Chat this wednesday at 16pm CET. Six questions will be put forward via Twitter every 10 minutes within the hour. The Featured guests, OuiShare Connectors and other external contributors, will tweet their responses. The discussion will be tracked using the OuiShare Fest 15 hashtag #OSFest15

Featured Guests

  • Lisa Gansky, Chief Instigator of Mesh Labs, @instigating
  • Matan Field, Co-founder of La’zooz, @MatanField
  • Shelby Clark, CEO at Peers, @shelbyclark
  • Alexa Clay, Author, Misfit Economy, @alexaclay
  • Neal Gorenflo, Co-founder of Shareable, @gorenflo
  • Izabella Kaminska, FT Alphaville reporter, @izakaminska
  • Jim Pickell, President of HomeExchange, @jimpickell
  • Tomás de Lara, Collaborative economy specialist, co-founder of O Sujeito, @tomasdelara

Anyone can join in the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #OSFest15

Following the Tweet chat, we’ll wrap up highlights in a blog and Storify post.