From now until OuiShare Fest, we will be publishing a weekly video post to raise discussions sparked by speakers in 2014 that we look forward to continuing this year.

This is the keynote from OuiShare Fest 2014 by Rachel Botsman, author of “What’s mine is yours” and founder of collaborativeconsumption.com. In this talk, she argues that the collaborative economy is like a fragile baby that we all need to care of and protect from “label-washing” that could distort the essence of the movement. Therefore, instead of pushing for definitions, we should let the collaborative economy take time to grow organically.

But how has the collaborative economy evolved in the last few months?

This is a question that will be addressed in several tracks of OuiShare Fest this year, themed “Lost in Transition?”.

We are using the hashtag #OSFest15 to connect your thoughts and comments.

Join us in May, 20-22 at Cabaret Sauvage, Paris!

CORRECTION: Unfortunately Rachel Botsman will not be able to join us this year as a speaker.