From now until the OuiShare Fest, we will be publishing a weekly video post to raise discussions sparked by speakers in 2014 that we look forward to continuing this year.

This week we want to share with you a talk by Professor Arun Sundararajan from Stern School of Business, NYU. An expert on the sharing economy, who, apart from his academic articles, has published in Harvard Business Review and the New York Times, focuses in his research on the question of how digital information and business are transforming the current societal and economic order.

Under the leitmotif “Our Collaborative Future? Ownership, Equity and Growth in the Sharing Economy” he brilliantly summed up the current questions and challenges concerning the sharing economy. What are the consequences of the merging of the “personal” and the “commercial” (e.g. through platforms like Uber)? How is the role of traditional institutions affected when platforms offer services which were used to be provided by the government? And how do we deal with the trade-off between corporate and cooperative ownership? Today these questions are more relevant than ever, and many things have happened in the last year.

It is worth noting that he mentions the expressions “transformation”, “transition”, “shift” several times during his talk. With the upcoming Fest themed “Lost in Transition?” we are very happy to welcome Arun Sundararajan again as a speaker and to continue the debate how we can tackle the various challenges of the sharing economy.

We are using the hashtag #OSFest15 to connect your thoughts and comments.

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