From now until the OuiShare Fest, we will be publishing a weekly video post to raise discussions sparked by speakers in 2014 that we look forward to continuing this year.

This week we present you a speech by Alexa Clay, an economic historian and writer passionate about grassroots innovation, change and the informal economy. Her latest project which features interviews from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, street gang leaders, hackers, startups as well as research about pirates, shows that innovation and creativity can be found in very different and unexpected places.

In her refreshing speech, she outlines different categories of misfits and their strategies to achieve real change and disrupt the systems they are part of. The results of her research will be presented in the upcoming book The Misfit Economy, which she co-authored with Kyra Maya Phillips. We are happy to have Alexa again at the OuiShare Fest and look forward to hearing more about her insight on how to build a New Economy that includes the Sharing Economy, and how to successfully transform our society towards a society more adapted to our needs.

We are using the hashtag #OSFest15 to connect your thoughts and comments.

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