30 events. 2 months. OuiShare is on tour through Europe!

After 60 Events in 25 Cities, one OuiShare Fest and road tours of France and Latin America, the OuiShare Europe Tour is taking us on the road through Europe. Join us in your city!

Eastern Europe, Spain, Germany, France and more: these are some of the places we are going to visit in the next weeks for our first OuiShare Europe Tour. A wonderful tour of the Nordic countries has just come to a close and now the journey continues through the rest of Europe, ending in Brussels on November 17th for the fourth international OuiShare Summit.

Why this tour? After bringing together several hundred European participants in the Collaborative Economy at OuiShare Fest, this is a great opportunity to reconnect with all of you and build our community across Europe. We are visiting many new cities, especially in Eastern Europe, where we aim to connect local participants, raise awareness for the opportunities and challenges of the Collaborative Economy and meet local entrepreneurs, economists, designers, researchers and public officials. We hope you’ll join us!

Countries & Cities

Everywhere you look collaborative economy projects are emerging. But when we look at most countries and governments that are taking interest in it, it is not the nation state, but cities, that are at the heart of this emerging sector. Cities and regions are where the benefits of the collaborative economy become most visible, and where people are willing to take action for change. Even though OuiShare is a global network, building communities locally is the foundation for all of our activities.

Here are the cities you can join us in:

  • Spain from Sep 25-Oct 05 (Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Córdoba, Granada)
  • Germany from Oct 15-25 (Munich, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Wuppertal, Hamburg, Berlin)
  • Eastern Europe from Oct 25 – Nov 17 (Budapest, Warsaw, Sofia, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca)
  • France from Oct 10 – 20 (Lyon, Lille, Nice, Paris)
  • The Hague, Ghent & Brussels

… and more to come!

ouishare europe tour

The Program

If you’ve never been to a OuiShare event, here are some hints on the events you can expect:

Drinks: get together for Collaborative Economy professionals and pitch session for startups
Talks: thought leaders from the Collaborative Economy give talks about global trends such as collaborative consumption, the maker movement and P2P finance.
Workshops: customized sessions for organizations and individuals to introduce them to the Collaborative Economy or analyze its impact on a specific industry or organization

… mini-conferences, sharing fairs and more!

For more details on the events go to EuropeTour.ouishare.net

Be part of the experience

Do you live in one of these cities and want to join us at an event? All events are free, so all you have to do is register online. You can find all registration links and more information about the program our websites listed below.

Would you like to organize an event in your city, become a volunteer, (media) partner or sponsor of the event? Then please get in touch with the contact person for your country:

Dalma Berkovics: dalma@ouishare.net

Francesca Pick: francesca@ouishare.net

Cristobal Gracia: cristobal@ouishare.net

A big thank you to our global partners MangoPay, Carpooling, BlaBlaCar, KissKissBankBank and Ulule for making this event series possible.