OuiShare LATAM Tour 2013: “The collaborative economy an opportunity for Latin America”

The collaborative economy is being recognized as a real opportunity for the economic development of cities and regions on the 21st century. Lead by OuiShare Connectors in the region the OuiShare LATAM Tour 2013 comprises a series of events where the benefits of the collaborative economy will be explained. See you in Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile!

The collaborative economy as an opportunity for Latin America

The figures (and mostly the associated exponential growth) of collaborative consumption and collaborative economy at global level can’t be ignored: more than 2500 coworking spaces, USD $2,7B in crowdfunding on 2012, 3.000 new members every day in the reference ridesharing platform in Europe, 400.000 spaces available for rental at Airbnb, more than USD $1B lent on the last 6 months on the main p2p lending platforms, …

The same dynamics are arriving to Latin America. Although with strong locally differentiating features, the region as a whole has a set of historic, demographic, social and political factors that should help on the development of collaborative consumptioncollaborative production and p2p finances, distributed and accelerated via open knowledge sharing.

It is mentioned quite often that the lack of trust in some of the Latin America countries could be show-stopper for such behaviors to develop, from OuiShare point of view it is identified as a challenge that is part of the required adaptation of global practices to the local context in order to succeed.

A growing number of cities and regions around the world (FranceUSASouth Korea and even the European Union) are playing an active role on the promotion of the collaborative economy as a mechanism for the economic and social development and to lay the foundations of a more distributed economy.  El OuiShare LATAM Tour will report about these best practices in order to inspire local leaders.

OuiShare from global to local

The fast development of OuiShare was made possible by the events in the main european cities all around Europe (Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Turin, Berlin, Munich, …).

Since the moment OuiShare had global a global reach Latin America has been the region outside Europe where a larger number of people has shown interest in joining OuiShare community and helping connecting the local ecosystem actors regionally and globally.

The foundations to move forward with the OuiShare LATAM Tour has been the activity of the local connectors organizing OuiShare Drinks (Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile), the OuiShare Fest satellite event in Porto Alegre, and countless informal meetups of the the members of the local Facebook groups and the link of these members with the global OuiShare community.

The tour: working as a team with the support of the community

The idea of a LATAM Tour had been floating around for a while. In a visit of Enrique Avogardo in Paris, he mentioned that he would be pleased that OuiShare took part at Buenos Aires Creativa (Agust 23rd and 24th) event. With a target date set the preparations started rolling with Hangouts to discuss logistic details and options to get funding for the tour.

From Buenos Aires, Shirly Kalush suggest to take part in a Trip’n’co contest and created a profile of the OuiShare LATAM Tour trip so people could vote for it. Although the contest had been active for a week, by reaching the OuiShare community for votes, in less than 2 days more than 200 votes were collected, and OuiShare trip ranked 2nd. And extra final push (with the support of friends such as EdgeRyders and Shareable) allowed OuiShare to won the contest. It was magic to see what can be achieved in few hours by reaching the community to help , a great lesson. Gracias! Gracias! Gracias!

In addition, so we could use the Trip’n’co and Leetchi price for transport and the organization of the events, Airbnb gently provided options for accommodation in the different cities.

Where and when to meet the team

Without asking for permission to anyone, this is how we like in it in OuiShare, Dalma Berkovics from Santiago de Chile setup the OuiShare LATAM Tour website where you will find all the details about the trip, the events and how to join.

To aggregate all social media related activity we are using BrickFlow and the hashtag #OSLatamTour. Feel free to join the conversation whenever you want to.

* In Rio de Janeiro on August 17th, Karen Demavivas and Olivia Frazao have organized OuiShare MiniConference at Comuna featuring round tables with the most interesting projects in the city and an open space for further debate.

* Nós Coworking will be our house at Porto Alegre on the 20th for a OuiShare Drinks with 2min pitches from the local projects thanks to the support of Engage. Do not miss the video invitation that Victor Reimann has prepared!

* At Buenos Aires we are going back to Area3 on August 21st to meet again the “porteña” OuiShare community and on the 22nd at BlackBerry Innovation Center a conference with a focus on p2p finance (Afluenta and and new political groups (Pares). Over the weekend all OuiShare Connectors will meet at Buenos Aires for a first regional internal summit. Thanks you David Sucar for leading all this!

* The agenda prepared by Dalma Berkovics is packed at Santiago de Chile. Starting with OuiShare Drinks on August 27th at Centro Movistar Innova (Startup Chile), talks at Universidad Católica on the 28th, on Universidad de Desarrollo on the 29th and a great final Fiesta on the 30th.

And more Tours in Europe this fall

One of the main OuiShare values is MPRL (Meet People in Real Life) therefore more tours are being organized for Europa (Spain, Germany, Scandinavia and more) before the end of 2013.

Join the events of OuiShare LATAM Tour and send me an e-mail if you still have any doubt. Nos vemos!