A 3-day Festival about the Collaborative Economy

Welcome to OuiShare Fest, the first event dedicated to the Collaborative Economy in Europe. The magic starts on May 2 – 4, 2013 in Paris – here is what you should know about this -impossible to miss- rendez-vous. 

The story

A dozen of us once talked (“dreamed”, rather!) about  organizing a big event about the Collaborative Economy in Europe. That was before OuiShare was officially born, in late 2011, at Nathan’s place,where we had our first meetings. As the OuiShare community began to grow into a European movement, the idea made its way to our European Connectors.

At the last OuiShare Summit #2 in Rome in November we decided to go for it thanks to the support of public agency for digital innovation La Fonderie, who got on board with us.

So here we are, excited to share the news: OuiShare Fest has been launched! Here’s what to expect:

  • 2 days for 500 professionals in a magical location (have a look above!), to build a collaborative future
  • 1 day of (free) events all over the region, to raise awareness to a broader audience
  • 1 BIG party to celebrate 🙂

How to get involved

We are keen to involve people – from the OuiShare community and beyond – as much as possible in the design and planning of the Fest. It would be a contradiction to have an event about”collaboration” that is not itself organized collaboratively.

Here are some ideas on how you can get involved in organizing OuiShare Fest. Please feel free to suggest other ways you’d like to get involved by emailing us at

1) Co-Design the Program: We are using this idea wall as a basis for the co-creation of the program and will also organize several hangouts with the vertical and local OuiShare groups. You can also get your participation started by filling out this form.

2) Organize a satellite event: we invite startups, coworking spaces or any other organizations to submit a satellite event for the third, open day. Talks, hands-on workshops, collcons how-to’s, makers’ labs… we’d love to have a map crowded with events to introduce a mainstream audience to the collaborative economy.

3) Spread the word: by making your own logo for OuiShare Fest with this fun game on our site and sharing it on Twitter, you can spread the word about OuiShare Fest creatively.

If you would like to volunteer before and during the event, please fill out this form!
To stay posted on news updates about OuiShare Fest and what’s on the program, make sure to check out our new Fest blog.

Looking forward to meeting you at the Fest,

The OuiShare Fest Team