Feeling home with Ouishare

You might have missed the Ouishare Summit for some (supposedly) good reason. You have no excuse though not to watch Simone’s presentation embedded below Simone’s passionated views of the collaborative economy he shares here, ahead of our first Ouishare Drink in Roma on july 18th.

It was the beginning of March, I had just written an important post, those things that you can write only when you happen to spend hours on a plane and, having spent a week in Silicon Valley at the end of February, hours in front of my notebook on that interminable Economy Class flight for SanFran, were many.

The post was called “The Co-operation Advantage and the new Theory of Niches” a post in which I was laying out the foundations of one of my many reasonings. In fact I was trying to understand what are the technological and economic drivers behind what I consider to be the most important change taking place these days: the changing role of the peer from pure consumer to creative inspirator and innovator.

So the piece was published and only a few hours later I received an encouraging comment from Benjamin and after some tweets we managed to set up for a video call.

A few days later we were in fact face to face in a hangout where we exchanged points of view on the constant change reality we live in, on our shared viewing innovation as a collaborative and bottom-up process, as well as our former experiences – the parallelism between OuiShare and Hopen.it, the think tank I founded in Rome in November 2011 was immediately obvious.

Thus, I was invited in Facebook group of OuiShare and in a few days I learned that the guys wanted to organize the first OuiShare Summit in Paris….

“Will you be here?”  Of course I’ll be there!

I bought my low cost tickets and one month later I was there, couchsurfing at Antoine’s – one of the founders of Mutinerie coworking – gave my talk, which was a great success (you can see the video here on the post, the slideshare got more than 30K views thanks to ouishare!) – I participated in workshops, I knew dozens of people who are exceptional, I even took care of the barbecue for the final party.

In a few words: I spent three great days step by step with wonderful people I had ever seen and this network became one of my main sources of information, discussion and growth in my daily life today after one month or so.

On July the 18th we’ll be hosting the first OuiShare Drink in Rome and other initiatives and projects are taking shape thanks to this place where I feel like home.

Days ago I was thinking to the new Europe we must build: governments keep talking of Eurobonds, but no one talks about us Europeans, and about the responsibility that we now have to build an alternative, to search for it, to put it into practice and prove to the world, but especially to ourselves, that it could work.

What kind of Europe do we want to build if we don’t rely on cooperation and sharing of methods, dreams, hopes and visions for the future?

Who better than us – ordinary people – with a shared passion for innovation and change, and what best tool than the MPRL (Meet People in Real Life) Antonin always mentions, to discuss, design and implement our projects supporting each other?

There is no other solution: to ask for change is no longer enough. We shall learn to be the change with all ourselves, stop thinking of our little fence of certainties: our ideas are there to be shared, our projects to be realized, our new way of life is there to be put into practice.

It’s up to us.

You are in Italy/Roma next dozen of july ? Want to get in touch with Simone and other great people? Don’t miss the first Ouishare Drink in Roma!